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电竞博彩app下载 Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to ask if anyone has heard any whispers about when the bluefin might turn up around Sydney this year?

电竞博彩app下载 I've seen some barrels on FB taken off Tasmania, wondering if the south coast NSW guys have seen any, or if anyone has a prediction for when they might make their way up the coast this year?



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电竞博彩app下载 Appears to be a lot of couta showing up in close so the cold water is coming. Still a good run of yellowfin off JB and Batemans Bay so it might be a few weeks yet

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Not too sure how a "prediction" might hold any value, prediction is just another word for guess, anyone can guess!

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Plenty of big bluefin barrels being caught now that the Victorian boats are allowed back out. Still plenty of yellowfin out of Narooma between the 500-1000 fathom line. 

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