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I have had it on my mind for quiet a while to make some Tuna tubes for game fishing and I have finally bought myself a 2nd hand sheet metal roller. Have been in the pipeline of making my own for years but have never got around to it. Anyway a 2nd hand one came up which I made a offer on and was accepted so now I don't need to make the roller.

电竞博彩app下载 I will start off with a alloy version and if that turns out OK I will then make some in Stainless steel. Don't need them myself so will need to find a member here that is in the market for some cheaper than normal Tuna tubes. I will post some photos of what I come up with.

电竞博彩app下载 Any suggestions as to what size tubes would be most suitable, 4" 5" 6" or smaller ? or larger ?.

Any interest ?.


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电竞博彩app下载 Probably depends on if you plan on putting tuna in them.

Not many use stripies for live bait now. Not like the old days where that was the go to method for the South Coast blacks.

I reckon if you put two tubes side by side at 4" would be spot on and will fit better on the gunnels of pretty much any boat 

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Hi Frank

I might be interested.  The SS ones are ridiculously expensive so I've never bothered with it.  Moving to the mid north coast soon though and will probably have more need for them up there for mackerel.

电竞博彩app下载 If you have a design in mind and a ballpark price I would be keen to see what you come up with.

I think 4" would be more than enough for my needs.



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Frank i reckon very few folk use tuna as livies as well these days-slimeys are the norm these days- I made a set out of PVC and they worked fine but were as ugly as hell-pulled them off the boat at the moment as I pulled the pump out and have put a deck wash in- which im going to make an attachment to run them with that-only so much room on a 18ft center console

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