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Hi All,

Just looking at the current record for Aussie Salmon on lure at 72cm.

电竞博彩app下载 Unfortunately we did not measure this Salmon my son caught but I estimate it was well over that. My son is 145cm tall.

电竞博彩app下载 This was taken before Christmas in the Hacking on a metal.

We caught two others after this which were only a fraction smaller by our estimate.

电竞博彩app下载 I guess records don't count without a tape measure?



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Thanks Mrs Swordfisherman,

电竞博彩app下载 ive got a video of him fighting the fish if it helps.

电竞博彩app下载 shall I try to upload it?


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Oh great thanks Donna, My son will be over the moon. He only asked me about that the other day actually.


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