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Tampering with wheel Nut at (Parsley Bay )Boat Ramp

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Hi Fellow Raider 

  I went to the Hawkesbury for a fish today , Had a great Time and caught a few . Everything. Went great  no issue all day.  , I made it Home safely and lucky no one. Was hurt or got Killed. And I would like to ask anyone who might have seen someone Tampering with my Boat Trailer Wheel Nut’s or something suspicious and might have got anything on CAR CAM or even Happened to you.  

        Thank You 




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Not too sure anyone has done anything, they just come loose at times and flog around just like that, one stud being broken is a clue.

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I'm with the above as well. Do you put grease on the studs or nuts? When was the last time  you checked them?

The stud broke because you had loose nuts so the wheel was wobbling, i'm surprised you didn't notice the wobbles on the freeway .

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电竞博彩app下载 Preventative maintenance is key. So much metal shaving and no markings on the remaining nuts. Im guessing the studs are working themselves loose

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