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  1. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Trophy for sure.
  2. All I can really say about Friday is urgghhhhhh. Took a mate out who hadn't been fishing for about 3 years (fool had a 3rd child!). Options were stay in the harbour and fish structure or head out to Longie - targeting kingies. Conditions were predicted to be reasonable, particularly the swell. After a late start (kid drop off) we headed to one of the usual livey spots in the harbour. In 45 minutes we only managed one horse yakka. There were a few around (though not schooling hard) but were not interested in our tiny bits of squid. Headed to livey spot two near north head. Much more productive,
  3. Good work on the flatties today. We were out too and the conditions were truly scheisse!
  4. Great work mate. Loving the sneaky reds.
  5. Perfect eating size mate and a top spot for dinner!
  6. Awesome result mate. I cant wait to get up there for a fish. Currently trying to convince my lovely wife that Port Stephens is a perfect family holiday spot........and that we need to take the boat!
  7. We were out of Rowland Reserve at Bayview. Too funny Brendan. Seasickness can be fickle.
  8. Hey Raiders, Took my youngest out for a bottom bash off Palm Beach yesterday in great Spring conditions. The condition of the ramp was not so great. PACKED. Both on the way out and in. I also had to park miles away which is not ideal when leaving your six year old on the boat (beached). Thankfully a nice family kept an eye on him and the boat whilst I did this. We were fishing in around 28m of water and were using a combination of drifting and anchoring using the minn kota. We were using paternosters with a mix of bait and plastics and using a octo-style jig as the sinker. The fish
  9. Well done mate - Plan B turns out to be pretty delicious!
  10. My pleasure mate. I could catch rat kingfish all day! So much fun!!!
  11. Gday Raiders, Just a quick report from a midweek session yesterday. Headed at with fellow raider @Reel'em who was keen for a session. Very civilised start after the kid drop off, launching at 8am. Picked up some livies in the harbour and then headed out to Longie. Picked a good looking spot and burleyed hard. Within about 20 minutes we had our first rat, expertly played by MD and then set free due to some less than acceptable netting by yours truly. Over the next 45 minutes we basically lost all of our live baits to ravenous rats. Everything that went down got smashed. Unfortunately they
  12. Hey mate - missed this date but I do a little weekday fishing. Send me a PM and lets hook something up. I have a boat and am based on the northern beaches. Cheers D
  13. Interesting isn't it. The kiwis LOVE to live-bait salmon (kahawhai) for kingies but I don't know anyone in Australia that does it. Check out the Big Angry Fish lads. They love it and there is no doubt it works in Enzed.
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