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  1. It's funny how retired people never seem to have time! I can't wait for more days to pick from and more time to tinker (my hobbies and interests chew up heaps of time). Good on you for getting out with the family and putting them onto some fish.
  2. Welster

    new toy

    You reminded me of these Triumph boat (USA) tests.
  3. Welster

    new toy

    I have never been in one but have eyeballed the riveted DeHavilland hulls a few times and I like them. Very cool.
  4. My observations are that most people are looking to trade up in size rather than down. So I'd be inclined to get started with the bigger boat subject to storage, towing and budget restraints.
  5. Excellent write up and you really made the most of the opportunities. Well done.
  6. Well done. A land based Jew on plastic first cast would be very special.
  7. 25 squid and some solid kings great report mate.
  8. It's hard to imagine it fitting in the 90-100k bracket. I notice the beam is 2.55 are you planning on towing it?
  9. Well done on a cracking snapper.
  10. Welcome to fishraider. Going by your report getting a poddy trap and targeting flatties with them might produce some good ones.
  11. We might not of caught much but I really enjoyed you skippering us around that day. Well maybe not so much that bit where my rod was broken before the first cast 🤣. You really sped up the learning curve which will be put to use on future trips and I got my first soft plastic snapper. I thought about changing tactics and going deeper on the follow up trip but we decided to persist as that was the aim of the trip and you never know. Hopefully we get out again some time.
  12. Salmon busting up is great fun that's for sure. I was looking over Bate Bay from work thinking I finished my holiday 1 day to early!
  13. It sounds like you had a tough day on the fishing front but a good day on the water. It amazing how we can solve all the worlds problems on a slow day, except of course where the fish are.
  14. The last time I used it was a couple of years ago. It was pretty easy to use with a pontoon beside it. The jet skis buzzing the back of people trying to load their boats were a pest. When I look at the water there it's hard to fathom why I use to water ski there so often 🤮. Also be aware we have found needles there in the past.
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