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  1. Oh great thanks Donna, My son will be over the moon. He only asked me about that the other day actually.
  2. Video is too large bugger it. it says it can only take 4.77mb
  3. Thanks Mrs Swordfisherman, ive got a video of him fighting the fish if it helps. shall I try to upload it?
  4. Hi All, Just looking at the current record for Aussie Salmon on lure at 72cm. Unfortunately we did not measure this Salmon my son caught but I estimate it was well over that. My son is 145cm tall. This was taken before Christmas in the Hacking on a metal. We caught two others after this which were only a fraction smaller by our estimate. I guess records don't count without a tape measure?
  5. I went out on Saturday arvo also looking for a King or a Salmon. Got neither and the surface action was few and far between. I did however see a monster flatty in shallow water, cruising around in circles for several minutes teasing me. I threw a few different lures at it but it was laughing at me. I was kind of glad really that it wasn't easily tempted as it gave me faith that it will still be around for a while without anyone catching and keeping it. It was easily bigger than my best of 79cm. The females must be active at the moment.
  6. Thanks mate some great advice there and I like the idea of covering all bases. Nath
  7. Ok guys, I'm sure it has been asked before but with new lure designs constantly evolving, what's your favourite SP (or any lure for that matter) for Kings. I've just got myself a little tiny and am determined to get my first King this summer. I Fish the Hacking mainly. Hooked my first King last summer in my Kayak on a Squidgy 3" Silver and black paddle tail SP but lost it before I could net it so still on 0 by my account. Thoughts? I would love to see my 7 year old get onto one of these beats. Nath
  8. Great, informative, easy to read report. Thanks for sharing that I really enjoyed it. Nathan
  9. Ok, last month went up to Noosa for a few days. Took the young fella out on a hire boat. We caught this little “Bream” or so I thought in the back canals. Worm for bait. looking back now I’m not so sure it was a Bream with that big dorsal fin. The young bloke reckons he’s got one up on me with a new species that I have never caught. Is he right? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Just an update with this one. I've tried tightening the bail arm screw, checked the bend on the bail arm against a new reel, added more braid to the reel. took it out yesterday for a spin, first cast noticed line straight into the gap not, the roller. 4th or 5th cast hooked a small tailor. Bang line pinged at the reel and that was decision made. Reel gone to landfill. My 7 year old asked me if he could have it but I said sorry mate I'm going to save you the grief. Funny thing I've just noticed this reel is now on sale at a shop for $40 down from $70. I wonder if the wor
  11. Yeah guys adding to that. The only way to truly test to see if the line bypasses the gap or gets caught in it is to run the line through atleast the first guide on the rod and then pull it taught from there as if you were a fish taking the bait. You might be surprised to find that it may stick in the join, in my case pretty well every time.
  12. Hehehe, your right. That’s because I’ve been loosing so much line over the last couple of months. im surprised yours isn’t having the same problem looking at the photo. ill check the angle of my bail arm tonight.
  13. For the record guys here are some pics of the reel. If you haven't noticed the problem before please check closely on retrieve to ensure the line is running on the roller. It took me 6 months to figure out what was right in front of me the whole time. Does anyone understand on the side of the reel where it says Nylon (No.-m) 2-100 What is the 2? I take it the 100 is 100 metres of Nylon It can't be 2mm thick?
  14. Hi mate, Funny I was thinking of using superglue in this little gap with the same principal as the epoxy. I did take it to Shimano and they did understand the problem but didn't want to take the responsibility. Basically fobbed me off with a go away and buy a more expensive reel or use mono or thicker braid.
  15. Thanks mate, lesson learnt I suppose. Think you're right.
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