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  1. So decided time to do annual wheel bearing change trailer is 3 years old so wasn't expecting any hassle.turns out it was fitted with standard pads not marine I don't no if this is a regular thing but not ideal.1 pad had completely lost the actual pad part they all looked like they he'd been under water for ages trailer all ways washed down have swapped for marine ones hopefully better I'll try to take a picture cheers
  2. Congratulations always good when a plan comes together I hope to go better on Jews and kingies Kkmyself this summer .only problem I love a feed of flathead so I can get impatient keep up the great fishing
  3. Mate I would be surprised if you can't fix that if only parts needed. I had to replace my trailer about 3 years ago I went with sales trailers I won't say they are the best but good value as my boat is not worth a lot.no problems with rust at all but I do give it a good hosedown each use no problem with lights but they did use cheap bearings
  4. So I know blue spots live in deeper water but I always get a bit of a surprise when they chase a hooked fish to the surface. Makes me wonder about inshore flatties where we usually fish lures on the bottom would a midsurface work in a few metres
  5. Hi all went out 5,30 start for blue spots a bit of moving around till I found some legal fish kept about 7 for family and let heaps go as I prefer to keep mid size around 40 to 50 cm good news is surface action was around warmer water not far off cheers
  6. Mouth of hawkesbury I've seen up to 10 during the week they are prawning everyone has to make a living
  7. I know you should make sure impeller is installed on proper direction but wouldn't rotation place blades correctly if you bugger it up
  8. Are you getting steam from relief vents had that with my motor was a blown head gasket. I'm trying to see about a fix for small hole in block where gasket blew but saying that motor running fine just the steam at idle a concern
  9. Fun2fish

    Alloy welding

    Hi all looking for advice about welding small hole between water galleys in outboard block surface. has anyone had this done or used j b weld or similar thanks
  10. Hi I have a tohatsu mc40 I use a 2 inch nail and give it a hit with a hammer been doing it that way for over 20years
  11. Mate you don't need to spend all that money the fish don't know what your using save some money towards lures or something else you want big bucks doesn't mean more fish
  12. No I havnt got navionics tried to change again no luck .I've got an old handheld GPS will just have to take that with me when I reach waypoints I can add the Mark to sounder bit of a pain but will only have to do each one and can then navigate by name
  13. Just on that if I got a avionics card would that fix issue thanks
  14. Ok tried to change the time zones about 6 options but none for Sydney looks like I can't put waypoints in only find my own. Anyone have any suggestions .make sure if you buy overseas electronics it will work here
  15. Sorry as above do fuel filters and check fuel lines and pump easy as
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