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  1. Great work looks like the bananas won’t sink your boat the fish will
  2. Great day out nice bag of fish thanks James for the video
  3. Check to make sure that the inlet tube is correctly inserted into the rubber grommet on the impeller housing sometimes they misalign tear the rubber then at idle you will only get limited water flow at speed this will be better but not 100%.
  4. The price of a proper welding repair will depend on how much preparation is required to do the repair if patching is required will be considerably more. Your bet bet is to do it properly pm me for more information
  5. Depends on what created the hole If it’s corrosion can be difficult to repair by welding which is permanent whereas putty’s will only be temporary just keep an eye on the repair if done that way
  6. Sounds like you were lucky with the boat few snapper makes up for it though. Regarding the radio I presume your getting DSC model, to connect to DSC you require a MMSI number which is only given if you have a VHF radio licence.
  7. It’s not a mystery two strokes are gone been on the outer for years too much pollution just run your two stroke in a container and check out the oil ring around the container and in the water. Yes injection improved the pollution but will never eliminate the problem. Two strokes are the best light and powerful will destroy a four stroke on capacity four strokes typically require double the capacity to produce the same power and torque. Reducing oil lubrication improved the emissions but reduced engine life common knowledge don’t let the Americans fool you if this was realistic the Japan
  8. Smobaby

    Garmin Lowrance

    Unfortunately that’s the way the boating/fishing market operates. You can always fish from the shore or in a bay. The charts for offshore help with marine park boundaries which will help you be on the right side of the law.
  9. Nice catch keep you fead for a while top report
  10. Smobaby

    Garmin Lowrance

    Jon the Garmin g2 cards show marine parks very well. Have two seperate units on board gpsmap8008 for navigation and 7412 For sonar networked together. The charts display better on the 7412 with better detail although using same card and updates better processor the 8400 series will be better. Garmin user friendly with plenty of technology. Check out panoptix and UHD both work amazing in shallow water great for inshore. Also run gt51m chirp and ss164 thru Hull for deep water you won’t look back.
  11. Good on you Brendo top report and fish need to be out there to get them lucky you went south
  12. That tool is the ants pants, bit expensive for a one off ( or maybe not if you damage the linkage ) if you can support behind the linkage with a substantial block and use the correct size pin punch it will come out you will need to hit it with direct force don’t pussyfoot stainless and aluminium corrode together you need to overcome this. Roll pins can be difficult at times. Heat the aluminium coupling with a heat gun this will help.
  13. Smobaby

    Is this right

    The oil looks not too bad if you had water intrusion it would be milky white colour. Carburettors need to be removed disassembled and cleaned all the internals. Water leaking around the anodes on the lower leg is normal. Pressure testing is done with air and a gauge if the pressure drops you have a leak. Then you need to fault find where the leak is usually a seal then you will need special tools and expertise to remove and replace
  14. The radio course is ultimately about common courtesy and survival. Which channels to use when and why if in a distress situation which will be understood completely helping to save lives money well spent. The training is invaluable when required.
  15. Geoff gelcoat is normally 3/5 mm thick your repair will need to be this much lower with feathered edges to allow the gel coat the coverage required it’s a bit of an art to get right that’s why professional repairs cost .Typical boat, only if it was that easy ! Spraying is the way to go with the right equipment.
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