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  1. I’ve caught a kingfish on the smaller pink one a while back. Rigged it with a quarter ounce jighead and let it drift through the water column. Went back that day and bought two more packs of them at $5 each and haven’t caught a single thing on them since.
  2. Great report. Your persistence obviously paid off! Such a good eating fish too.
  3. I’ve been meaning to get some momoi. Just so expensive here. Was going to wait until we visit my in laws in America...
  4. Wazza, that’s a hectic story! I grew up just down the rod from there, in a house on the cliffs edge. I still fish from my parents backyard sometimes - Best snapper fishing in Sydney! Over the years we watched several rescue attempts of fishos, with several Vietnamese immigrants meeting a sad end at the bottom of that cliff. Glad you didn’t meet that fate, sounds awfully close to it. @JamoDamo I’m curious, how did you find that video? Tony Cox still fishes around Coogee and is always full of useful advice and information. One of the old-time greats. Wazza, it sounds like you two
  5. I haven’t found the answer yet either. Cliff fishing I use 80lb braid and 120lb leader. I can just skull drag them up. with a light outfit I dunno... doesn’t seem to be a good way to land them.
  6. Yeah - I’d like to try it. Harder to keep a salmon alive overnight in a bucket than a few yakkas though!
  7. Ok - so I definitely need some instruction here. I’ve been told that if you don’twrestle them up, you’re 100% going to be taken into the reef and busted off. So if you let them run with lighter drag, How do you get them back up? Do you just go back and forth until they’re too tired to fight anymore and come willingly?
  8. Yeah - should probably have just let it run as I had the line capacity. Oh well…
  9. I use a Yamashita squid spike. Used it twice on squid when I started chasing them in earnest and it made a mess. Easier to just karate chop them. Repurposed it as a very handy ikejime spike! Safer than a knife on a writhing fish.
  10. I had arranged to meet a good mate for a sneaky pre-work spin this morning, but 7am rolled in and he had to rush off to work last minute. I was putting my pfd on when his call came through, so I figured I’d check the conditions out and maybe just have a quick fish by myself. The second I got to the headland, I could tell that it was going to be a good morning. The swell was about 3ft and the tide almost in. The sun was starting to light up the bay and I could see salmon jumping everywhere. My spot was still shaded and I figured that they’d make their way towards me as they tried to keep
  11. Mate - I’m sorry, I seem to caused some confusion, so allow me to explain. I brought home 4 big salmon this weekend. One was eaten as sashimi immediately. The remaining three were put aside for an outdoor, COVID safe, fish and chips dinner with our neighbours. One of my neighbours is a chef and along with my wife mentioned that the sashimi was nice and fresh, but lacked the flavour of the kingfish I usually hand around. I mentioned this to my mum, who suggested that I read the book by Josh Niland she had bought me, as it discusses how to best store fish to improve its flavour. Nila
  12. Yeah it was a tad too long, or maybe the cure had too much sugar. Regardless it can’t out a bit too sweet, overpowering the fish flavour. Still edible but could be better. Will definitely check out the thread about curing. Thanks!!!
  13. PM me next time before you do that and I’ll show you where you can safely hit that school
  14. Well... the conclusion on the aging is that it made absolutely no difference. The fish kept better whole, instead of as fillets, but that’s nothing new. I’ve got the last fillet curing in a mix of sugar, salt, vodka and dill now. 48 hrs in that and then thinly sliced and served on toast.
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