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  1. A head gasket would still be available.
  2. As a general (very general) rule, 10' is plenty, longer rods are OK if super long distance is required, for Tailor and Salmon, 6-8kg line is plenty, maybe a bit heavier if using big sinkers when there's some swell or side current, a medium size reel will suit, no need for a giant size reel, there's a lot to choose from so take your time, have a look at what your mate uses.
  3. An old two stroke is pretty simple, unless the block itself is shot, replacing a head gasket, or even a second hand head is not a difficult job, broken bolts can be an issue, but you never know unless you give it a go, not 100% sure water in one cylinder is going to cause a no start condition. Are you reasonably handy with basic tools?
  4. Being an older motor, make sure your choke works, you didn't say whether it's a push the key in, or if it has a seperate switch (or if it has an automatic choke setup) procedure for a manual choke setup, prime bulb until hard, lift warm up lever well up, activate choke, turn key to start while still using choke, motor should start, release choke and move warm up lever to lower idle.
  5. OK, not too sure about your "choke lever" I assume you mean the fast idle/warm up lever? How is the proper choke activated? pushing the key in or a seperate switch?
  6. Best guess is your starting technique is not right, and you simply flooded it, can you describe what you do to start it, in detail, in order.
  7. It's probably best to target one certain species at a time rather than attempt to catch everything at once, target what's around at that time of the year.
  8. The swell right now is about 10mm I am looking at the beach right now, and there is not a wave breaking. Mind you, there is a fair old southerly wind, so we should get something from it.
  9. Why not just buy a similar boat here? probably work out a lot easier.
  10. noelm

    new toy

    They were pretty well regarded in their day, the big 21' Trojan was used by lots of Government departments back then, I used to sell them when I worked in the industry way back in the early 80's, the Offshore was an easy "sell" I think Dehaviland made a Seaplane at one time too.
  11. It's just a personal thing, small boats in alloy are a much lighter over all package, and tend to suit small boat uses better, once you go a bit bigger, and think about going out in the ocean, I would then look at glass, when you get to (say) 5.5-6m then either option would be on my list, that's just my opinion, there just seems to be better glass options in the "mid" range, older boats like Seafarer VCs and Haines come to mind. Now before people throw rocks at me and tell me how fabulous their own boat is, it's just my own personal preference and opinion, and note, lots of those older "legend
  12. That sort of size, alloy all the way for me, go just a bit bigger, and I would change to glass, I guess you plan on fishing lakes and rivers?
  13. I guess it depends on what your "blue water" fishing involves, drifting for Flathead, Snapper fishing, Tuna/Marlin?
  14. Depends on your interpretation of "small" what size are you considering?
  15. Very common, it's just a legacy of hot shiny metal, hitting salt water, then sitting around unused for long periods of time, the rust on the rotor just rips the pad material off.
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