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  1. There are fish there not sure exactly where you were but I would try a few different baits and move around, Long Reef beach down to Dee Why look for gutters and experiment with different baits and lures. Its fairly open so look for calm days.
  2. Hi raiders made a discovery that is brilliant. Bail arm of my bait runner was stiff noticed some crystalline type stuff on one side (poor maintenance by me) opposite to where the line goes. Took it off and put it in cleaning vinegar. The substance just flaked off ! quick scrub with tooth brush put it back together and good as new. Also worked on a zip of a jacket I had left on the boat.
  3. Nice to hear from you Bib havent seen you at the ramp recently but guess Ive been hit and miss my self what depth the flatties? Heading out tomorrow but planing on staying in the harbour.
  4. From your pick I would say you are at the seaforth bluff. If you go before dawn or around that time all the moorings will have yellow tails with berly try near gerny crescent pontoon/pool early is key to avoid pickers.
  5. So I did it all seems to work fine any tips on the chain not ruining your paint I deploy over the gunnel?
  6. Think I got it first go tomorrow
  7. Think I got it first go tomorrow
  8. Thanks everybody think I have under gunned I have a 5.3 m cuddy and Im using two ropes spliced together from my old 4.3 mtr and 5 meters of 5mm chain to a 10mm reef hook. Its not my main anchor and plan to drop it over the side and tie to bowline when im set. Thanks Rick are you saying put the float on at the start straight avfer your hooked up. I thought you only put it out at the end?
  9. Thanks mate I forgot that post but have read through it, Guess what Im asking is, if the reef anchor is designed to pull free if reefed is it OK to run smaller diameter rope and chain than on my main anchor. I will be throwing from the side as scratchies suggested, Anyway Ima going with what I got and if I have to will upgrade rope and chain.
  10. Hi Raiders, Setting up my float retrieve anchor first time and I fish mostly solo any special tips. Ive gone lighter on the chain than what the boat came with and rope as well will this make a big difference? Just want to tie up to the odd reef not ride out a storm.
  11. Fair enough but as most have said 6 is too many, I have had tangles and now use a 3 hook rig exclusively and do not have to argue the point. I suppose when targeting herring they are not as frantic as slimey Mackerel around the Sydney artificial a lot of boats use single hooks when the bite is hot.
  12. I know but I also know a guy who was booked bt fisheries. So if you bait on is it a jigging line?
  13. http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs/perm-prohib-saltwater
  14. I have a hand held as I spent every last dime on the money pit (actually might name my boat). I get good reception my trips are inshore, 12 Mile, fads north and south etc. Its legal but Im saving for a real one. Having said that rarely go more than 30mins any where off sydney with out seeing a boat nearby.
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