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  1. I also had a freezing Lowrance on startup. Lowrance told me it was a software issue and would be fixed soon. After 3 months and no fix I contacted them again where they denied saying there would be a fix, by this time I had found others stating the same issue on hds 12 ten 3 units. When I first enquired my unit was still under warranty but by the time I left it for the fix it had gone out of warranty. Lowrance offered me a deal to buy a new unit through them at a 20% discount, which was still more expensive that shop prices and only comes with a 3 month warranty. I then bought a Garmin a
  2. Haha just realised Ive been calling them silkies when they are glossies!!!!...my wife picked up on it when I called our silky chickens glossies. Yep I'm loosing it!!!
  3. Been seeing plenty of yellowtail cockatoo's locally, many are pushed close to our home from the last bush fires. The silkies (with the red ) are normally more difficult to approach, especially given Im walking the dog.
  4. That marriage saver is the way to go😃 looks like a wonderful break.
  5. My daughter has been having some quite surprisingly good sessions on the bass over the last four days. Her all time favourite still seems to be the bassday sugapen. Surprisingly because she is targeting them in areas that suffered very badly in the fires.
  6. Personaly I enjoy my trips out from 1770 as they cost very little and I'm still under my own control in regards to fishing and snorkelling etc. However get the weather wrong or head there when the hordes turn up from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and it soon changes your opinion. Another place I enjoy taking my boat to but would be equally happy not taking my boat is Port Douglas. The little town atmosphere, amazing wildlife and half decent fishing makes for a both action and relaxing destination. The tropical rainforest of the Daintree is another bonus for those who enjoy seeking out natur
  7. There still have been odd days where Monty and the Bermi reefs have turned up a few fish. Unfortunately the once productive area around Tuross hasn't faired so well.
  8. Having owned an inflatable for the last couple of years my biggest concern was always keeping braid away from the tubes. Not to much of a problem untill sharks get hold of your kings or you get tuna circling under the boat.
  9. Ah it's not just here on the south that things are tough. My daughter managed to put the charter clients on the sweep again today, even managed a couple of wrasse!!!!
  10. JonD

    Boat Capacity

    My understanding is those passenger numbers on the plate are for calm waters and the max number is the limit unless the passengers are under 12. The number of passengers has more to do with boats buoyancy than its size. for example my old 5.2m zodiac was able to carry 12 adult passengers, where many 6m vessels can only carry 6 adults even they they might have far more room. My load carrying capacity was around 1.5 tons.
  11. JonD

    Members Boats.

    My pimping is finished, now time to get it all scratched up and messy again. I must say the makita polisher is a miracle worker.
  12. Seeing that snapper of around 46cm reminded me of this I saw on Facebook this week.
  13. Fantastic session, Awsome sharing the experience with the young fella. What sized fish magnetic does your boat have😂
  14. Could be a couple of things. One month got be that your track line is set to temperature graph line or it might be layering sidescan onto the chart page. If you set your tracks as black in colour and still have a blue line showing, then it's highly likely it's one of the two mentioned above, which can easily be turned off. Ive never had a track line represent as a thick line, don't think these can be adjusted.
  15. Thanks for the comments guys, she's had images in the top ten for several years and this was her last chance to equal her sister with a win. As for her sister, she passed her masters five yesterday with flying colours. It does seem weird to think of her in command of bigger vessels with heaps of passengers.
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