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Long time reader of Fishraider before joining- don't get to go fishing much these days due to VERY slow recovery from dual pulmonary embolism and can't walk too far, also most of my old fishing mates have either left Sydney or have lost interest in fishing(tragic!)however I still try to keep-track and in touch with my beloved sport via Fishraider. My past fishing history - Spent 21 years fishing at the Mattens at Dover Heights which has always been Sydney's best land-based fishing area (but also by far the most dangerous, involving extreme cliff-climbing) regularly taking big bags of bream,tailor,luderick,kingfish,mulloway and pigs(black drummer) also fished most rock platforms and cliff spots from Burning Palms to the 'Oven's' at South Whale beach. As a young bloke I fished the Bradley's Head area extensively, frequenting the old 'zoo wharf"(Taronga) each year in winter to fish for luderick,surgeon's and john dory which we used to get almost every trip- sad that the wharf is now off limits to fisho's as it was a great 'learning area' for young fishers and a safe productive spot. I also fished as an active 'comp' angler with Australia's oldest club-The AFA (The Amateur Fisherman's Association of N.S.W) having quite a bit of success winning several Sydney Metro comps(Rock,Estuary,Luderick and runner-up team in Deep Sea/Open Day) I was also runner-up Sydney Junior Angler of the year in 1978-79 season and won the Amateur Fisherman's Association's "Complete Angler" title 3 times until I "retired" from competition fishing as a 26 yr old, some 30 years ago. Spent a couple of seasons high-speed jigging for kings at both 'The Peak and Montague Island(when there were tons of kings there!)After a year working for the long-closed Sydney Fishing Tackle company I also worked at the Australian Fishing Museum at Birkenhead Point for about a year with the legendary Hank Newman and Garth Hay who were two of Australia's most notable game and sport fishers and genuine identity's of the fishing world, being fortunate enough to fish with Hank quite a few times- for those who are too young Hank was one of the pioneers of light tackle sports-fishing who regularly fished the ANSA 3lb(1.36kg)line class and caught heaps of kingfish,tuna etc up and over the 15lb(7kg)mark using his trusty centrepin drag-less reel and 9ft luderick rod.These days I have a really large collection of fishing tackle and make my own soft plastics and luderick floats(also have a big collection of wooden Alvey's and Alan Skelton floats- probably Australia's best float-maker EVER!) I also used to make custom rods and have a rod lathe but that and much of my gear is currently in storage while I(hopefully!) recover. Last things to the "resume" had 18 successive years house-boat hairtail trips(4 or 5 day) and annual "pilgrimages" to Yamba's middle-wall catching bream and luderick and countless trips to Narooma chasing kings at Montague Island. I don't have transport &am at home most of the time and although I have as above-mentioned a great range of experience/s(yes I'm not married!) I am always interested in learning anything new or different and am only too happy to part with any advice or information to anyone I can help with fishing and feel genuinely lucky to have spent a life addicted to fishing! It's the great 'leveller' of men(women too!) when the common thread is your quest and anyone with a line in the water is a 'brother fisho' no matter the spot,the gear or the species. Thanks for reading

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