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  1. Baby 3" sluggos rigged whacky and fished almost static with the odd twitch were what was working for me. Great fun! Hooked one king on a 4.5" sluggo fished a bit deeper on a weighted offset worm hook...the rest on the smaller whacky rigged ones on an unweighted offset worm hook. They are fixated on feeding on tiny 'eyes' baitfish at the moment so it is not that easy to get them to take...hence the whacky rigged tiny plastics.
  2. Horizon line canoes is where i got mine from, good boat, its right at the regatta centre in penrith so you can 'try before you buy' on the lake...its what i did...in hind sight however i probably would have gone for a peddle drive option
  3. Yes please mate. That would be great.
  4. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had any luck with an 'over the side' type live well for storing squid/yakkas....I was thinking of maybe a little piece of 100mm conduit with holes drilled in it either end and some sort of streamlining at one end attached to the side of the yak just below the waterline... would have to be easy to lift in and out... anyone run anything like this?
  5. Epic fish mate...i was just talking with a mate if mine about maybe doing a nepean yak trip sometime soon...you have just turned that maybe into a definitely.
  6. I would also like to add that for my mate to work walk the dog style lured as well as he did...after i had given him only like a 10 second intro was amazing to watch...he has a lot of fish in him in his life...but he will never be better than me!
  7. Cheers lads...still stoked to have caught my main summer goal so early on in the season...its all kayak from now on though...just need to convince my fishing mates that it is a worthwhile investment!
  8. Took an inexperienced friend of mine out to chase some salmon bust ups from the shore in middle harbour as he has been banging on about wanting to catch one since my last report. Anyway i finished work at 3am and headed home to get the gear ready...pick up said mate and head out to a new spot i wanted to try at first light... Anyway we arrive at our spot and i can just see through the gloom that the tide is about right for what i wanted. There were no fish showing as we walked onto the rocks...ah i thought...maybe this spot is a dud. Anyway we start casting around...i had lent my 2-4KG outfi
  9. Pm(s) to you boys...cheers everyone.
  10. Working night shift this week and managed to knock off early enough to hit middle harbour for a shore fishing session from bream and flathead on the flats as the tide was peaking an hour or so after sunrise. Took two outfits with me...my 1-3 kilo bream rod with 6lb braid and my 2-4 kilo plastics outfit on 10lb braid. Got to the spot around 6ish to find tailor busting up everywhere and got into them straight away on the sugerpen. After a few tailor had been landed the splashes began to look more serious and within moments i was into my first salmon 'off the top'. Took me by surprise on my b
  11. Lovely flatties... great vid... lucky they didn't pull anyone overboard!!
  12. Well played mate...those are good whiting by anyones standards.
  13. Fished the northern end of dee why tonight as we thought it might be the only spot with any swell at all...got there...it was quite flat but at least there was something breaking. Anyway...had a couple of reasonable trevs and my mate had this stunning port jackson...then as the tide got near the top and the moon got high and bright it switched off...not a bad session to start the new season off. Humble frozen pillies did the damage.
  14. Right, as promised here it is for anyone who is interested. My home made 'Maltby' anti wind rig. Start with the biggest paperclip you can find, straighten it and cut it in half...then bend a little hook in one end and twist a loop into the other untill you end up with something that looks like this... Then tie the looped end onto a 2-3 foot length of line. Once you have tied the clip onto this line then slide on a bead followed by a clip swivel like so... Then tie a swivel to the other end of this line and run your main reel line through this swivel... Run another bead onto your main
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