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  1. These two guys above are right on the money. As I told you way back you have to experiment. Cheers.
  2. Great report and happy day. Cheers
  3. Well done Dave. Great videos.
  4. Well done. That haul will be hard to beat. Top photos.
  5. Hi all, Well it has arrived. Differnt fom the others. A lot stiffer in the tip compared to the old Ugly Stiks. Weighs in at 4.9 Ounces. I weighed a gold 7'6'' Ugly Stik I have 8.5 Ounces. Now for the reel. Made in China Doesn't give you any size or details on the rod at all. I kow it is 7'3'' I will have to look up the rest of the details. 4-7kg.
  6. Fishing of the rocks is ok. Becarefull, also near the lighthouse.
  7. Welcome aboard. Dawia after sales and repair and warranty. Beware. Pick another brand. If you go to the search engine, there is plenty of help there. Cheers.
  8. I have Fin-Nor reels. You won't be sorry. Great reels.
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