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  1. There is definitely a No Fishing Beyond this Point Sign there. The fish at your own risk sign is for those wishing to fish the rocks and breakwall in front of the carpark I presume.
  2. You have a few nice videos there. Thanks
  3. Great catch guys, well done.
  4. Caught a few gars over the years at Balmoral using sabiki rigs baited with a little bits of prawn and squid. Plenty of bread berley was required also.
  5. You can get an elastisized cargo or trailer net from bunnings and cover the open parts of your boat.
  6. Well done, biggest Tailor I've seen in a long while.
  7. Sorry to hear about your mishap. When its calm put on some goggles and go for a swim and find your jigs. My kids used to find lots of jigs this way in popular spots.
  8. Nice kings there, well done.
  9. Here is me last month wearing my Fishraider tee in Noumea reeling in a GT.
  10. Well done mate, can't go wrong with a feed of fresh calamari.
  11. Hi everyone. I fished the bay with my two sons on two occasions last week. First day we were plagued by large slimeys at the bait grounds. We managed a handfull of yakkas while we were there though. We set up at Molli pt with our livies, and soaked a few pillie tails and peeled prawns. The livies went untouched but we ended up catching numerous numbers of rat kings on the dead baits and small jigs. We left Molli pt and tried a few other spots around the bay. We only managed undersize bream and snapper. Again the live yakkas and slimeys went untouched by anyt
  12. Fished for kings with largish unweighted peeled prawns and unweighted pillie cubes in a berley trail many times. Caught plenty on on 12lb using this method. Then there are the days that we could see the Kings in our trail feeding and following hooked trevs or bream to the boat. As hard as we tried they would not take a bait that had a line attached to it. We then drop down to a 10lb leader and the Kings are straight onto it. It would seem that at times, that small bit of difference in line diameter seems to make all the difference. Cheers
  13. Got my tees this week guys, they look great and are of good quality. Thanks.
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