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  1. À lot of people leave trailer parked with brakes locked on. It's better to chock wheels and release brakes as pad can bind onto disk with rust. Ron
  2. I replaced roller axles with home made ones made from stainless steel rod on my last 2 boats. No more replacing or jammed rollers and boat comes on and off trailer much easier. Ron
  3. I have about 15 reels I'm using at moment a mix of Daiwa and Shimano and found them pretty equal, however I've found spare spools etc much dearer for Daiwa and a line roller bearing cost me about $20. I lean a little towards Shimano as they are based locally at Taren Point for service and parts if required. 6 or 8lb braid will easily serve your needs, any higher will affect your casting distance. Little difference between 2000 and 2500 with some models using same body with different spools. Ron
  4. I have caught poddies from my boat a few times at Wagonga Inlet on Sth coast when fishing a comp. I run boat nose onto a fairly steep bank and set trap from side of boat in about a fool of water. I then either go back to drifting for flatties or anchor neerby and fish for poddies with a rod. My trap has a handle that i can hook with my gaff to retrieve it from boat. Ron
  5. If going to trouble of removing wheel to set straight, make sure to get right position. Next time running boat go to protected area out of wind and current and run boat at speed and mark wheel and ßtem so you can set wheel straight at home before removing it. Ron
  6. You may find like I did that you end up with an area of dead lawn under the boat anyway. I am considering paving the dead area under the boat wide enough for wheels. It will also make it easier to push if you get a large diameter pump up jockey wheel. Ron
  7. I have a 5.6m quinnie with a 90hp honda on my front lawn. No way it could be pushed on lawn. I use car to reverse over gutter using home made ramps and back it into position. To use boat I reverse tow ball under trailer to hook up. Reversing camera great for this as I can get in perfect position to lower trailer onto ball. Can do this by myself as no need to push boat. Ron
  8. Didnt get to do new post will try tomorrow. Workshop just above boating section. You can catch slimies the same way as yakkas with smàll baited hook but they are more common on close offshore reefs. They will go a string of bait jigs much better than yakkas and a good school can result in a full striger of baits. Burly pots work best when there is some current to agitate the contents. Alternatively give rope a shake occasionally or if water is choppy, set it just under the surface so waves keep it working. Ron
  9. Hi Gengar. I mostly fish from my boat but do fish from shore and wharves to collect live baits. If wharf fishing for bream etc, occasionally throwing small hadfulls of chook pellets out can help. The pellets will sink to buttom and slowly soften and break up. You can also mix a little tuna or pilchard oil in them as well. For yakkas and mullet its hard to beat good old white bread broken up in a bucket with some water with optional fish oil added. To make things easier and less messy you can get burly/bait scoops on a long handle and flick a little bit out every 5 mins or so.
  10. I have seen longliners shoot nets around slimies with a dinghy but this was just a slow run at a couple of knots continually doing wide circles. couldnt see sign of net but boat had short mast with davit up front similar to what I've seen on trawlers. As I said I have no issues if what they do is within law, it was just a comment how ones emotions kick in when their on your patch. Ron
  11. No dinghy around. Boat was continually slowly moving in circles. Have seen longliners getting slimies there in other years. Ron
  12. Don't Remember RPM. Will check next time. Ron
  13. I watched a red hulled trawler about 40ft long trawling off Cronulla yesterday. He was doing small circles off the southern headland about level with Jibbon bommie and was probably on schools of slimies. I have had a good relationship with a few pro fishermen over the years and respect that they do it tough making a living that way, but thinking about it later it amused me how much I resented that they were working my patch. Not doing anything wrong, just hope they dont move on to trawl the flatty grounds in Bate bay as they have in the past. Ron
  14. I have a 2001 5.6 quinnie with a 90hp Honda 4 stroke and am running a 19.25 x 17 aloy prop as was on it when bought it and also recommend by Solas when I replaced 2 years ago. She is no rocket with a top speed of about 25 knots, but probaly normal for a 4 stroke. I have a 60 litre bait tank on back. Ron
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