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  2. The only problem with being retired is you never get a day off😬
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  4. Hi all, went out in the moderate winds in hope of finding bust-ups - found some in the open areas adjacent to fort Denison, couldn't hook up though. Bust-ups were small, so moved on. Checked lavender bay and Walsh bay, no bust-ups there either, not even under the bridge as they usually are. Lots of maritime and the odd police boat around issuing warnings/fines for those not "transiting" in the channel between fort Denison and goat island. Headed back to the heads - came across a few bust ups near North head (inside) , managed to land a decent tailor and salmon but then got inspected by a
  5. Being an older motor, make sure your choke works, you didn't say whether it's a push the key in, or if it has a seperate switch (or if it has an automatic choke setup) procedure for a manual choke setup, prime bulb until hard, lift warm up lever well up, activate choke, turn key to start while still using choke, motor should start, release choke and move warm up lever to lower idle.
  6. Well, for mine if Its been running recently, I can just turn the key and away it goes. Othertimes I need to push the key in. I don't very often use the fast idle leaver. good luck!
  7. I'll clean it all down & give her a good run today and see how it goes. What is a good starting procedure as I am obviously doing it wrong, should i only be squeezing the bulb after trying to kick it over a few times if needed? or should i not be using throttle? etc. this is my first boat so still many more novice mistakes to make I guess haha thanks for all the advice guys
  8. I had a similar problem with My 1999 115 hp Johnson Oceanpro when I first bought it. My guess is that you flooded it and by leaving it for a while the excess fuel has evaporated and left the excess oil behind in the carbies Having that excess fuel gone you were able to start motor and the smoke is from the excess oil in carbies The oil on the leg you describe is just unburnt fuel/oil running out. Nothing to be worried about. My thought is that once you get the starting procedure down pat you will be right. Another tip - if you intend not using motor for months at a ti
  9. How old is it?? I'd be returning under warranty if its still within that period. Secondly, email Lowrance support, they may suggest a software update or another fix! http://www.lowrance.com/en-au/contact-lowrance/ If not as above.
  10. Thanks everyone for the wicked feedback, advice and of course a freight company I can talk to...wicked job fellas. I’m from cairns, I’ve been living in NZ since 96...but now it’s time to come home
  11. Hey fellas, Not sure if this is the right page but my lowrance hook 5 just freezes on the initiation screen and nothing happens. I’ve tried reset, unplug the power and so on, but nothing works! Has anybody else seen this issue before? Thanks all
  12. Hey mate make sure choke working could be stuck on may be worth getting clean petrol if you don't no how old it is new plugs wouldn't hurt either as well as cleaning replacing filter
  13. Its oil injected so it has its own oil reservoir and mixes it itself (yes i did mean the warm up lever) sorry. no the kill switch was on Zoran, also i touched nothing when i got home & the motor started after leaving it a few hours but with alot of smoke. I have no idea what oil is in the motor either Frank but i will clean it all down tomorrow & see what happens. thanks for the replies guys
  14. Look specifically for the 762 5 to 8kg. They do a few rods in that series and there are slight spec differences. I've got one I've used for a very long time and still going.
  15. Thanks Derek! Ill spend the extra money and get a Stradic with the Shimano rod. I’ve got a soft spot for Shimano gear as it’s served me well in the past. Thanks for the heads up on the cI4
  16. I’ve been watching prices for a while in oz for similar boats and tbh they’re more expensive than I paid over here, but at least I can weigh up my options now, which is awesome! Cheers
  17. I’m really grateful for the lead here mate. I’ll be following it up in the morning!
  18. Hi Mike, Generally for the boat you want a little shorter for ease of handling but enough length to bang it out there. I've been happy with stuff around the 7 foot as I also use the same gear shore based. Shimano Snapper Raider 762 (7 foot six inches 2 piece) 5-8kg 15-45 lure weight $100 to $130 or Atomic ArrowZ Offshore Spin AAS-270H 2 Piece 7' 14-30 lb Spinning 14 to 30lb 10 - 50gm lure weight $130 - $150 Shimano Sedona or better in the 4000 size. Will handle about 270m of 15lb or probably a skinny 20lb. $90 to $99 I'd spool it all the way with braid. For the mi
  19. Did you turn kill switch off? cheers Zoran
  20. OK, not too sure about your "choke lever" I assume you mean the fast idle/warm up lever? How is the proper choke activated? pushing the key in or a seperate switch?
  21. We can only guess here as we don't know what exactly you OR the previous owner has done. What sort of oil have you got in the reservoir, did you add oil to the fuel as well ? . Should use tct3 oil. Sounds to me like there is simply too much oil in the system. Get some start you bastard or similar and squirt it into the carbs and kick it over and see what happens then. but don't run it for long if it starts. Frank
  22. Hey guys, Recently got a sizeable boat and can now venture out of the heads and to the fads. Im looking at a combo around the 350-400 price point for chasing sport fish on soft plastics. I'd like something lightish so i can get a good fight out of a 7-12kg kingfish/tuna/salmon whilst flicking soft plastics or metals. Kind of your rock up to a boil up/Fads session. My initial thoughts are a mid range Shimano reel around the 4000-5000 size, 20 lb braid and frankly no idea on the style of rod and length. Any help would be appreciated
  23. I opened the fuel vents on both tanks, lowered the motor all the way down, squeezed the bulb around 4 or 5 times till it was hard then pushed the choke lever all the way up on the controller & gave it a kick. i also tryed with the lever all the way down also. Does all that oil come from flooding the motor?
  24. Best guess is your starting technique is not right, and you simply flooded it, can you describe what you do to start it, in detail, in order.
  25. It's probably best to target one certain species at a time rather than attempt to catch everything at once, target what's around at that time of the year.
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